Shadi G // Disconnection

Currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden, singer, songwriter and producer Shadi G released her latest single, titled “Disconnection”.

Written, performed and produced by Shadi herself, “Disconnection” is a sum of all of the picturesque artistic veins which converge flowing inside this talented artist.

A multitude that ranges from classical music studies at a young age, to the influences assimilated by jazz, R&B, soul and hip-hop, up to those of Persian music, to which she is bound by her origins.

That of Shadi G is a sound formed by a series of heterogeneous nuances, which wrap themselves naturally to blend harmoniously. Like different and delicate trickles of wind, each coming from a different corner of the world, which bring with them powders of unique colors and scents.

Disconnection” features the soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics the artist is known for, as did her debut single “Lost”, featured in Sweden’s biggest playlists, and her subsequent singles that have continued to attract the attention of Sweden’s most-read music magazines.

Disconnection” is a song with refined aesthetics, in which Shadi’s artistic style stands out, sophisticated in its fundamentals and familiar in the overall performance. An example of this is her beautifully unique falsetto, crystal clear and airy in the center, soft and round at the edges . The words and vocal deliveries that Shadi uses explore in a penetrating way the intimacy of the theme of the song.

With “Disconnection” Shadi gives us a song with a perfect technical construction and a deep expressiveness, in which everything converges in a harmonic, peculiar and distinctive way, to convey a truly intimate listening experience.

To discover all the scents and colors of Shadi G‘s music, listen now to “Disconnect” on Soundcloud [ here ].