‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’ is the new single from the Oklahoma-based band Less Love, anticipating their upcoming LP ‘Everybody’s Somebody’s Satan’, which was announced for the end of 2020.

Less Love released their debut single ‘Magical Purple Hair’ in 2008, breaking the College Music Journal’s top 200 and making the band indie darlings, if for only a day. And after working with Grammy award winning producer Michael Trepagnier (Goldplay) and engineer Kevin Lively (Rage Agaist the Machine), they recorded the single ‘Horse Race’ in 2016, getting much attention. But that attention helped confirm what the band was slowly beginning to realize at the time: people don’t buy music anymore.

So, on the heels of the single’s success and failure, and after ten years of trying, the members of Less Love decided to go their separate ways. What was once a five piece, was narrowed down to just one.

Having been primarily designated to rhythm guitar, to move forward the whole stuff, Sky McCullough had no choice but to pick up the slack, stepping into the role of lead vocalist. “I’m not the best person for the job. Everybody else left leaving me as he only person to do the job”, said Sky about the transition. “Our producer Michael Trepagnier introduced me to another producer named Mike Rodriquez. Trepagnier knew Rodriguez and I shared similar taste in music. I wanted to take Less Love in a completely different direction. Rodriguez has been a major influence in helping me achieve that evolution.”

The first most tangible result of this evolution, characterized by a heavier sound on everything, is the new single ‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’. A protest song against discrimination, for which the artist was inspired in part by, and calling back to, Randy Newman’s song ‘Rednecks’.

Speaking of Less Love, Sky goes straight to the point: “Less Love is from the very red state of Oklahoma. After the U.S. elected its first black president, the ignorant majority chose to elect a racist to the White House. This is about that.” And ‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’, too, goes straight to the point with lyrics like “He says he hates fags, wetbacks and niggers too. He says it makes him mad. That Jesus was a Jew. He hates those fucking Jews.”

With the release of ‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’, Less Love has announced an anthology of all the band’s old music, titled ‘Everybody’s Somebody’s Satan’, that will be released around December of this year. The album will also feature 3 new songs, including ‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’.

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Less Love // Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans) - single cover
Less Love // Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans) - single cover