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Algoritmo, the brand new, fresh, and compelling mantra of the Italian singer-songwriter Leone Marco Bartolo envelops and explodes between evolution, natural selection, and the influence of algorithms in the spasmodic hunt for the “better version.”

Out now the single accompanied by a lyric video that enhances the chiaroscuro, penned by the Sicilian artist.

Cantor, a relentless improviser, as well as an interpreter capable of frescoing musical moments of peculiar expressiveness, Leone Marco Bartolo, brings to the table his latest unmissable work titled Algoritmo.

Everything we know, which we now consider useful for solving any problem, “is an algorithm, it’s just an algorithm.”

Tutto ciò che conosciamo è solo un algoritmo.
Solo un algoritmo, algoritmo.
Per risolvere il problema è un algoritmo.

This warning underlies the compelling single in an electronic EDM key, which enhances the reflective capacity of Leone Marco Bartolo.

Listen now to Algoritmo, the latest Single by Leone Marco Bartolo, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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