Lenny the Heart is a singer-songwriter from a suburban Colorado town. He has been writing and recording music with passion since 2009 under various aliases, and over the years he has collaborated with many producers. Suffering from type 1 bipolar disorder, Lenny uses music as a coping mechanism to stay in a level-headed state.

His latest work is the single ‘Waiting’, a histrionic transversal drift that allows Lenny to exhibit the unique character of his distinctive signature. In a mix of genres that ranges from pop, rock and punk, ‘Waiting’ is a song guided by a penetrating and particular electric vocal range, layered with more ethereal backing vocals, mixed on a fresh and crisp groove of synth and percussion, painted with more retro sounds.

Listen now to ‘Waiting’, the latest single from Lenny the Heart, available on Spotify [ here ], and find out more about his music, following Lenny on Instagram [ here ].