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Interviewing Metal band Lenax on the release of their primordial and compelling 5-track EP “Purity.”

We recently caught up with Metal band Lennax at the recent launch of their EP “Purity.” A very interesting project that had already been noticed with the release of the single “Of Great Force,” let’s find out some more details about their brand new compelling work.

Hi guys. Welcome to Thank you for joining us in this interview. Please give a round of presentations and introduce yourselves to our readers by mentioning your roles.

Right now the band consists of Venomous on lead vocals and guitar, Silence on guitar and bass, and Profana on drums.

A melodic black metal band based in the Nashville area, which we can say is not exactly known for being the cradle of this genre. Where did this white rabbit come from, and who is the mad hatter behind these unexpected geographical roots?

Not surprisingly, we’ve had this question come up before! Nashville does have a wide array of local bands that hide well below the spotlight, often withing sight of the busy tourist attraction that is downtown. Originally this was a solo project by myself (Venomous), but bringing in the other guys has been a big boost, and we are looking forward to playing live.

Your debut EP, “Purity”, develops around a conceptual theme: man’s primal urge for personal freedom, told through metaphors ranging from war to cosmic horror. At first glance, it seems like a violently disorganized cataclysm, but instead?

That cataclysm about sums it up! Actually, these five songs do have a common thread despite telling different stories and in different styles. Ultimately, the narrative here is being self-aware, seeing through the delusion that is forced on you by society, and forging your own fate.

The narrative of “Purity” seems to develop along a parable that struggles to bring order inside and outside its theme.

Absolutely. We love rebellion as much as anyone who feels trapped by their current situation. Could be a religion forced on you as a child, an addiction, even political. I then ask what’s next? After you’ve inverted your crossed and said “screw you” to the world, what are you going to do about your newfound freedom? If you constantly bitch about what you left behind, are you really free from it?

Let’s focus on the purest creative process. Purity’s strength and shot seem inexhaustible. So, from the sound design to the performances, the EP exudes pragmatic cohesion.

Well, thank you, I really appreciate that. One of the things looking from outside of any genre is trying to figure it all out. A lot of fans of black metal would tell you that the genre is actually quite diverse. Deathspell Omega sounds nothing like Watain, who sounds nothing like Immortal, and that list can go on endlessly. I didn’t set out to do the same song a dozen times; I really wanted to explore the space. What holds it together is the emotion, the attitude, and the self-reliance.

Transversally, the EP offers many nuances that dart organically within and around the tracks. Melodic but verbose, Purity certainly does not seem affected or frivolous. This premise already sets high expectations on what you will release next. So, what should we expect?

Between now and the full length, we are already planning on recording some live shows. This will not only showcase some of the creative input form the new members, but will give a little more raw of a sound to what we have going on. Narratively we have a direction the band is going in, which will continue, while musically we will continue to explore and evolve.

Anywhere new friends and fun can reach you, online or maybe while staging?

The main website,, should link to us everywhere. We are on Bandcamp, YouTube, and Facebook under the same name. We are pretty active on social media, and I always make a point to say hi personally when I can.

Listen now to Purity, the latest EP by Lenax, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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