LEHUA is a Los Angeles based artist originally from New York City, current music student at the University of Southern California in LA.

Her latest work is the visionary piece of alien dubstep titled ‘Travels’. “The song is a dubstep track inspired by the space horror movies and experimental bass music” explains LEHUA, who for this release joined her creativity with that of the producer and friend of hers Tombstone. “We love thinking about space. We’re obsessed with Aliens! What it sounds like and all the unknowns that can happen. We’re really into making dubstep inspired by horror movies” says LEHUA.

The track paints a weird and creepy experimental scenario. Additions of sound effects here and there try to give the song a more narrative structure. With ‘Travels’ LEHUA not only brings in a lot of experimentation, including also some of the classics sound design, but she also roams the vastness of outer-space, providing more “context” to her music.

Listen now to ‘Travels’, the latest single by LEHUA featuring Tombstone, and find out more about her music, checking the links below:

LEHUA - TRAVELS - single cover
LEHUA - TRAVELS - single cover
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