Le Fil is an androgynous male gay pop artist from Yorkshire, UK, who is not only known in London for his performances with Sink The Pink, but who also organizes large camp, colourful nightclub parties full of lipsynch pop performances, and hosts important fashion events. Le Fil is currently travelling the world with what he defines as being his childhood idol, the Spice Girl Melanie C, bringing her to perform in America, Europe and Australia.

‘Boyo’ is the result of the inspiration he got from growing in the small town of Brighouse, in Yorkshire, and his own identity, and with this song Le Fil proves to be a talented artist capable of creating music and songs with an exquisitely magnetic traction.

By exhibiting his music and capturing his personal experiences, in the song Le Fil describes how we can be fluid and rethink the notions of masculinity and gender. An important theme in the climate of today’s society that leads us to reflect on the meaning and use of personal pronouns such as he / she, often linked more to one’s external appearance rather than to the true nature of a person.

The song is accompanied by a music video that sees Le Fil perform as its protagonist accompanied by a group of dancers. Filmed in the kind of small-town setting from which one wouldn’t expect to receive such a socially current and avant-garde message, the video and the song offer a formidable parallel with the contrast highlighted by the theme of the release.

And so while the dancers take on the role of the cliché bad boys from the English suburbs, Le Fil dances on a compelling rhythm, showing off the charisma of his androgyny, through which, rather than emulating a woman, he reinvents, if not even redefines from the roots, what being a man can mean.

Defined by Attitude magazine as a “living, breathing pop sculpture”, Le Fil’s lyrics show, in a way that we find to be intelligent and enriching, his path of growth, built on the mutual enrichment that comes from meeting and integrating with the different people of his hometown.

Drop all this musical richness, conceptual depth and thematic importance inside such a positive and feverishly engaging musical delivery, and you’ll get the dense added value that is hidden just under the surface of what could appear as just a well-produced song with an infallible catchy motif on an unbeatable rhythmic carpet.

Among the most compelling discoveries we have made lately, ‘Boyo’ by Le Fil is an unmissable release.

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