London singer, songwriter and poet Latir and Leeds-based producer Luvian blossom together, making to flourish their ‘Wallflower’.

Blending the love of Latir for classic melodies and lyrical simplicity, inspired by a throwback to jazz’s earlier years, with the typically synth-led fun-loving rhythms of Luvian, ‘Wallflower’ caresses us with its inspiring alternative R&B bounces.

Latir // Wallflower - single cover

Here the soulful Latir refers to a muse, an individualistic and idealistic persona, who he desires to both fall in love with and aspires to be like. “This was actually the first creation Alex (Luvian) and I ever got started on, we made the verses on my birthday a while back but couldn’t get the chorus quite right that day, a year later we revisited it and the chorus came like a spark out of nowhere, and I think we have both have been in love with the tune ever since!” So the poet grew up on the fringe of North West London, introduces ourselves to the song, then he continues: “For me it represents all the things I love with music, classic melodies, a fun story line, a serious bounce and a concept that has been close to the heart since I could remember! This one is a staple piece for me for sure.”

So Latir and Luvian give us a sinuous and persuasive classic R&B aria, elevated in an alternative key by an avant-garde stylistic touch, in which, to mention the less explicit, are found elements ranging from hip-hop to electronics.

For a song that with sublime finesse, inebriate the listening experience of that spring sense, which in these lockdown times, we crave with deep desire, as never as before.

Listen now to ‘Wallflower’, and find out more about Latir’s music, checking the links below: