London-based R&B artist Latir stands out for his avant-garde style. The artist defines himself as “an old soul with the expression of a young spirit”, capable of ranging between hip-hop, indie and electronic music. Among his influences the artist cites names of the caliber of Chet Baker, Nick Hakim, Nat King Cole, and many others.

By combining melodies and narrations inspired by old school jazz, Latir brings us his latest work, the single titled ‘Blue Roses’, a romantic and delicate infusion with rhythms and synths ranging from RnB to new age.

The result is a track with melancholic sounds, through which Latir transmits one of the most inspired versions of his artistic signature. As Latir himself says:

“I wrote this song about having an intensely beautiful moment with a lover whilst far from home, then having to suddenly leave them behind at the apex of it all… that feeling when you’ve had something perfect taken away from you by circumstance!”

With ‘Blue Roses’ Latir effortlessly gives us a delicate and shining gem. A timeless enveloping melody, which sounds like a candid caress on the face of your loved one.

‘Blue Roses’ is accompanied by an official video, available on Latir’s Youtube channel. The single is already available in streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify. You can also catch Latir live at Colors, Hoxton, on May 15th.

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