Steven Lamont Stembridge Jr is an up-and-coming hip-hop rapper and producer, born in North Carolina in 1993, who engineers his own music, signing it under the stage name of Lamonte Bombay.

After spending most of the first quarter of 2020 dropping snippets and collab projects ahead of the release of his anticipated mixtape ‘Harbor Flow’, Lamonte Bombay now releases his debut 6-tracks EP titled ‘Hello World’.

Bringing in influences that range from the golden era to the lines of the new school, Lamonte offers contagious deliveries colored by a subtle splash of new wave. By collecting these elements in a perfect calling card, with the ‘Hello World’ Lamonte showcases all his artistic signature.

With elaborate musical artifices and plots, assonances and dissonances that chase and interpenetrate, in ‘Hello World’ Bombay flexes his flow and drops it into a quality production, in which it stands out over all his undoubtedly unique and distinctive freestyle.

The final result is a hip-hop that innovates with balance, between old and new school, introducing an interesting new wave drift.

Lamonte Bombay // Hello World - EP cover