They had already amazed us and made us fall in love with them with their previous video for ‘Incel Boy’, which we talked about recently in a previous article.

In case you missed it, you can find it here: La Roboká // Incel Boy

Could we then miss out on their latest release? Obviously, no, so here we are talking about the La Roboká’s video ‘Enjoy the Silence’. A cover of the famous success by Depeche Mode, the new act of the Berlin-based alt-pop duo is a new work of musical and visual art that once again has left us amazed.

La Roboká - cover

With an expressive uniqueness that is already amazing if you consider even just the song, La Roboká’s video becomes a sensory stimulation that we want to define in no uncertain terms as revolutionary.

The communicative synergy that La Roboká brings us is a viscerally overwhelming emotional crescendo, which starts from a gloomy and suspensive reflective intro, to explode in a vibrant and touching supernova that first magnetized and then kidnapped us.

La Roboká - Robulus

Robulus is the shadow man. With a small cameo that sees him participate to only a few moments of the video, we tangibly perceive the touch of the video composer of undeniable talent that he is, both in what we hear and in what we see. If this weren’t enough to make this work a magnificent act of pure artistic expressiveness, here come the fascinating lyrical touch and the unconventional charismatic beauty of classical soprano singer Lady K, to make us happily fall victim to one of the most beautiful sensory stimulations that we have discovered for many months now. We cannot but remain blissfully dazed, as we admire that diamond of incredible beauty that the video is, set in a sumptuous, precious and unique crown.

La Roboká - Lady K

With another production of impeccable quality, imbued with expressive density and vigorous intensity, the video by La Roboká hits straight to the heart and mind. As  it makes our certainties waver, hovering on the edge of a precipice, it also allows us to glimpse dark depths of unimaginable beauty.

As we write this article, we find ourselves still amazed, despite having tried to analyze this work as minutely as possible according to our abilities, and after watching the video dozens of times and listening to the song for as many times.

To be completely honest, we cannot say exactly how La Roboká managed to take a song with such an important background as ‘Enjoy the Silence’, by a band that helped write part of the foundations of modern contemporary music, and, without having the intention of redefining it, elevate it to an expressive form that seems to come out of a parallel universe.

The core elements still seem to be all there. Yet La Roboká’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’ is of another category. Of course we will continue to love and listen to Deche Mode’s original version as well. It is part of our cultural and musical background after all. In this we are sure that Robulus and Lady K will agree with us.

But with La Roboká’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’ we feel we have discovered a new point of view on something we already loved deeply, making it even more beautiful and profound than it already was.

Watch now the official video of ‘Enjoy the Silence’, available on the La Roboká Youtube channel, and follow them on their social networks, to find out more of their music:

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La Roboká // Incel Boy - single cover

La Roboká // Incel Boy

From the Berliner duo La Roboká comes the official video for ‘Incel Boy’, a striking and stupefying release about the painful theme of Incel-Culture.