A BREATH OF FRESH AIR – KTEE releases crispness and a distinctive touch, immersing us in the sophisticated commercial synth-pop of her latest work

Relatable on the surface and far from obvious in its substance, KTEE’s summer tune stands out and moves with style, emerging for the brilliance and cleanliness of its sound, creating a link to the excitement and restlessness that are the summer feelings par excellence.

Keeping all the focus on KTEE’s voice, the impeccably balanced mix lights up in the right places and at keymoments, highlighting all the colors of the arrangement, all well “enlisted” like in an organic concerto.

The intelligibility of the entire production, that sounds so clean it feels made of pure crystal, does not miss the point, not even when it comes to highlighting the nuances, phrasing, and variations of KTEE’s vocal performance, and the wealth of elements that functionally turn on and off to make the whole musical discourse a continuous progression of rhythms, hooks and highs, an evolution that climbs the pinnacle of an exhilarating musical delivery.

KTEE // Your Place - single cover
KTEE // Your Place - single cover
KTEE's voice was compared to Jessie J's voice
KTEE's voice was compared to Jessie J's voice

The release of ‘Your Place’ is accompanied by the official video, available on the KTEE’s Youtube channel.

All this is balanced by a stylistically elegant touch, that never goes to alter the aesthetics of the song, but that at the same time manages to bring out a compelling groove that seems to have no equal.

It is a creative chemistry, reflected in the organic nature and in the multiple qualitative aspects of the production, that finds its right side in the significant contribution provided by producer Bern Wagner, KTEE’s boyfriend.

Recorded in Vienna, Austria, and produced during their quarantine in their cellar, ‘Your Place’ is part of a string of tracks that the two plan to release in the future. “We’ve been working on songs for several years and this is our dream.” KTEE explains, as she shares something more about the backdrop: “Summer is the time for flirts and living the moment. It’s the perfect time to do things that you might regret afterwards and to enjoy unforgettable summer nights. Winter is coming sooner than we might want it to and then we can decide whether our summer deeds have been a total disaster. In the best case we have someone to warm us in cold winter nights.”

A light and fresh track, ‘Your Place’ carries within itself a message of encouragement, which spurs us to live in the moment, seize the day, and not think about tomorrow. Can you imagine something that recalls summer as much as this?

Listen now to ‘Your Place’, the latest single by KTEE, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via kteemusic.com/music

The release of ‘Your Place’ is accompanied by the official video, available on the KTEE’s Youtube channel.

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