Rising singer-songwriter Kristen Karma release her brand new single titled “Dear John.”

Dedicated to the memory of her father, with “Dear JohnKristen Karma gives us a thematic song that warms the heart and pulls at the strings of our deepest feelings.

The result of her collaboration with emerging artist Marian Hanna and rap artist Mr. ATP, “Dear John” is a song with warm and colloquial lyrics.

The theme of the track brings a moving message that melts hearts, to which anyone who has ever lost a loved one can relate with transport.

Kristen Karma // Dear John - artwork
Kristen Karma // Dear John – artwork

The release of “Dear John” is accompanied by a music video, available on Vimeo [ here ].

Kristen Karma
Kristen Karma

Brilliantly crafted, “Dear John” is a polished and refined work. The arrangement and vocal performances of the artists work in a unison to convey the meaning and the strong and deep feeling of this song in a very effective way. On everything else towers Karma‚Äôs vocal performance, which is clear, vivid and powerful. The sentimental transport with which she guides the song is overwhelming, to the point of giving you goose bumps.

In “Dear John” there is all the genuineness and resplendent beauty of the affection and love that can be felt for a father. This is accompanied by a melancholy vein, that feeling of loss that always comes with the memory of a loved one who’s no longer alive. This dualism brings “Dear John” to an even higher level.

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