Set into an acoustic atmosphere with a folk sound and with a touching voice imbued with gentle softness, Knickerbocker shows off his effortless songwriting skill.

Released on January 24, 2020, ‘Alright with Me’ is a song that shines right from the first listening. Its deep musical delivery is imbued with values that are translated into sounds and lyrics that elevate the creative spirit of this talented artist.

The song expresses all the force and depth unique to the relationship between a father and a daughter. It is that edifying thrust that a parent receives from their children, capable of giving us the inner strength to fight every day, facing the chaos and the tumultuous struggle of the world, to give our children peace and a better life.

By immersing this indissoluble message of love in an atmosphere of calm and serenity, the song becomes an exquisite picture of that mutual support made of trust that we can feel while walking the path of life hand in hand with our children.

Enriched by an intimate and genuine musical aesthetic, the song was recorded in a single live take, in which Knickerbocker’s fantastic voice stands out while performing in duet with his slide guitar. By maintaining all the nuances and imperfections of the performance, ‘Alright with Me’ offers the listener an intimate connection to the father-child relationships and their current and future prospects.

By transferring all this transport into ‘Alright with Me’ without artificial filters, Kolby lights up a sense of eternal calm and tranquility, offering us an unmissable, sensational listening experience that envelops the heart with warmth, accompanying each listener on an unforgettable emotional journey.

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