Intense passion and a captivating flow rap. This is "Harder", the awaited single from Koal Plae, in preview on Nova Music blog

Koalbe Lee Simpson, better known under the stage name Koal Plae, is a twenty-two-year-old rapper who grew up in Nitrate City, Alabama (USA), who has always cultivated his affinity for music.

Driven by an intense passion and with over seventy singles, four EPs, and performances in various shows scattered throughout Alabama and Georgia, Koal Plae is working hard to inspire listeners through his music.

Koal Plae is about to release his single “Harder“, out on January 17, 2020, that we had the opportunity to listen to in preview so that we could sample it for our readers.

With “HarderKoal Plae offers us a shining example of the richness we can find in his music. It is a musical delivery made up of engaging vibrations and hip-hop sound arrangements on which a captivating flow rap develops, characterized by the intense passion that it is able to transmit.

Harder” anticipates the upcoming EP “BEAUTIFUL: idiot“, the release of which was announced for February 14th 2020.

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