Kipani is the project of Tiffany Jhingoor, a songwriter currently living in Binghamton, New York, who grew up in the small town of Great Bend, Pennsylvania.

Encouraged since she was at an early age to try her hand at the piano, after years of coerced lessons she developed a hatred for the keys, until she decided to take a break and move away from her classical background.

While continuing to pursue her passion for music, Kipani kept on experimenting with other paths and avenues, but without being able to find one that fit her vision.

It was only after her relationship with her former ivory nemesis was rekindled, effortlessly combining with her love for indie pop, that she found the spark that had been missing before, giving birth to Kipani.

Off of her first EP, ‘Take a Minute’ is the title track of a release where Kipani exposes a range of feelings, perceptions and emotions, ranging from vulnerability, to personal struggles, to insecurity, all meticulously “masked” behind an upbeat pop edge.

In this, the single ‘Take a Minute’ is an impeccable manifesto, as it is opened by an intro with a joyful feel, followed by soulful vocals and effortlessly relatable lyrics. The uplifting progression of the song opens on the playful and emotional push of the piano, that gives the right emphasis to Kipani’s solar performance.

The airy stratification of the mix opens up into a lively liberating scenography, as light and carefree as it is engaging and inspiring, blossoming into a thriving refreshing bouquet.

It is a touch that stands out for the combination of simplicity and elegance, popularly recognizable and easygoing, but that very few can boast.

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Kipani // Stay In

Pop artist Kipani returns with a new single, “Stay In”, sporting a dreamy new sound direction and a glimpse of what she has in store for 2021.

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