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Kipani is the project of Tiffany Jhingoor, A songwriter currently living in Binghamton, New York. We had the pleasure of discovering her thanks to the previous EP, “Take a Minute.” If you missed our piece, you can find it here: Kipani // Take A Minute

Her music hovers in veins of vulnerability and honesty, propelled by an upbeat pop edge. Focused on creating well-crafted pop songs chiseled around infectious hooks and lush harmonies, Kipani is one of the most interesting acts we’ve found and selected on the indie scene.

Undoubtedly! you could say. Because thanks to her previous releases, she has received extensive support from various blogs, magazines, and radio stations.

In the wake of her prolific creative momentum and further expanding her positive statement, Kipani recently returned with a new job.

The latest penned by the beautiful and talented artist is the single titled “Stay In,” a song with which Kipani defines a new and intriguing direction to her sound.

A juicy anticipation of what she has in store for 2021, “Stay In” “is about the sense of security that home brings, shielding us from the harsh outside world.” So Kipani introduces us to the theme of her single. Then she goes on: “Although this was not originally intended to be released right away, it seemed like the perfect time because we are all taking comfort within our homes these days. It is the perfect follow up to the previously released single, “Enlighten Me.”

Dreamy vocals and airy synths take us by the hand in this new exploration of intention and enveloping atmosphere created by Kipani. The lush streak here is elegant and demonstrates how strongly Kipani is strongly interconnected with what she does and with a love of music.

Entirely written, composted, and performed by Kipani, and produced by Dave Rice, the new spark cast by Tiffany is a precious beacon of light and brilliance that brings warmth, protection, and uplifting hope, all condensed into a song of just over 4 minutes.

And we can perceive how this new chapter designed by Kipani is just a new glimpse of a long and prolific collection of inspirations through which to live, and why not also survive, in today’s and tomorrow’s stormy weather.

Firmly and tenderly: with the conscious kindness and strength of those who, despite everything, decide to “Stay In,” we cannot but accept and make this missive our own, in all its beauty.

Listen now to "Stay In," the latest Single by Kipani, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via Google

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