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BOP (Buy Out The Plug) – the new music video is another epic story to showcase a classic King Yung hit with a cinematic feel.

Out on May 23, the latest work by hip-hop rapper King Yung is another biting machine that leaps and grooves, in a cinematic-type idea, but one that draws from the lived life of the Florida artist.

400 pennies in your pocket, some nasty noodles eaten at the school canteen, and an idea to party and raise some money with friend Splif.

This is the backdrop that is the background to the story that led King Yung to find the pleasure of partying, rather than crying for the misery of the hole in the room where he lived.

The Music Video for the latest tune dropped by King Yung is another captivating story, which comes to us not only for showcasing a classic hit faithful to the form of the moniker.

As KY himself tells us, he likes to attach a certain cinematic feel to his videos. Stories to tell, to enjoy, which effectively convey the happiness of sharing the entity itself with his followers.

And in the BOP (Buy Out The Plug) video it is clear how KY points out and brings to the fore his growth, to all the fans of him out there, who have followed him from the beginning, and to the new ones.

The song itself goes in deeper about being at the parties with Spilf saying:
who is that, back in the back, with the backpack wraps and a bag full grass

If you like the video for BOP (Buy Out The Plug), by King Yung, then you shouldn’t miss the twin works too, which together with this video sign a remarkable triptych: 2319 and Paul Bear, also by King Yung; you can find them all on the KY YouTube channel. The link is right below.

Watch now BOP ( Buy Out The Plug), the latest Video by King Yung - find it on the King Yung's YouTube Channel.

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