King Gacy and King Nolan call themselves “a duo from the Fallen Kings camp”, with numerous tracks behind them. Through a visionary and experimental creativity they are developing their own path along which, song after song, they go further and further.

That of King Gacy and King Nolan is a prolific collaboration, inserted in an evolutionary process, which last year led them to publish a three-track EP titled “Lux Ignis“, that translates from Latin as “light fire”.

LUX“, “Kill the Musik” and “IGNIS“: these are the evocative titles of the songs that make up the EP, whose sound is a heterogeneous cacophony of atmospheres, with reverbs, creative uses of vocoders and autotunes, and voices out of pitch, which mix with arrangements rich in stratifications and evolutionary developments.

However disparaging a description of this type may seem, it is precisely when this histrionic amalgam of elements joins the mix that King Gacy‘s and King Nolan‘s creative drift suggests the direction in which their musical delivery wants to go.

Without a doubt, a listening experience not for everyone, but at the same time prolifically innovative.

Lux Ignis” is available in streaming and free download on Bandcamp [ here ].

King Gacy and King Nolan - Lux Ignis - EP artwork
King Gacy and King Nolan - Lux Ignis - EP artwork