King Femi, hip-hop rap singer-songwriter from Atlanta, GA (USA), is a type of artist who is developing a versatile artistic creativity, aiming to achieve a distinctive style. For each release, it comes up with something different.

King Femi is out with his latest release titled “Young Queens“, a single that takes a new direction after the fall of the more energetic “Rolex“.

Characterized by a slower and more regular flow trap, “Young Queens” was released by Royal Family Productions, LLC and is available on Soundcloud [ here ] and Spotify [ here ].

Young Queens” is a piece with a melodious tone with suggestive reverberations that swing on an engaging and constant rhythm, on which stands out King’s inspired vocal performance.

Although it is simple in its construction, the song offers a range of varied and rich saturation tones, restoring a full-bodied and creative mix.

To find out more about King Femi visit his website [ here ] check his new releases on Unitedmasters [ here ] and follow him on Instagram [ here ].

King Fem // "Young Queens" - cover