KiNg EmErY is a rapper from Dallas, TX (USA), who discovered his talent as a rapper when he was in third grade. Since then, KiNg EmErY has been using music as a way to express himself and face the obstacles of his life.

In 2018 KiNg EmErY recorded his mixtape “Critically Acclaimed“, a release that attracted national attention. He also launched his independent record label, Money Maker Nation.

His latest project is the 5-track EP “Royalty Fees“, the result of his collaboration with fellow artist N’Less Fee. The chill trap duality that springs from the creativity of KiNg EmErY and N’Less Fee flows into this EP, creating a perfect strain of hip-hop with a bold style and sound.

A true personal vision in a modern hip-hop style, “Royalty Fees” has an original and contemporary sound that distances itself from generic flows and canonical styles.

KiNg EmErY // "Royalty Fees"- artwork
KiNg EmErY // “Royalty Fees“- artwork

Overflowing with well detailed sound images, this album cleverly ranges from more intimate, sometimes even sinister deliveries, to more discreet ones, up to more abrasive and raw rap sections.

While maintaining the character of the individual songs, the mix has a coherence that makes the transition between tracks almost imperceptible. Undoubtedly a result obtained thanks to the chemistry that KiNg EmErY and N’Less Fee have created in realizing this EP.

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