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Bouncy and prominent, the Virginia artist is one focused on bringing out her moniker in her own way.

Val started her career in early 2020, when she started taking music seriously, thanks to the help and support of his best friend Nick Mira.

Since nobody wanted to support him back home, Val figured everybody just wanted to “Kill Val.”

From here Val coined the moniker of him, packaging his Hip-hop recipe, with the addition of a little salt and pepper provided by Mira, who helped him craft and develop his own sound.

Speaking of when his creative process is triggered, Val said: “is when I get inspired and go to the studio, then listen to beats.” Then explaining how his game develops, he continues: “Then I freestyle. If it sounds good to me or the people around, I will then record it. I have to be inspired to make music, I can’t force it. It has to be natural or it isn’t me.”

For KillVal, what started in 2020 seems to be a flourishing creative momentum, which still does not show signs of extinguishing his tail. With no label or promo backing, his first single, “So Long” generated over 25 million streams across various digital platforms. Having amassed more than 20 million views on YouTube, and has drawn the attention of hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify, it seems that KillVal is already well-rooted in the process of developing his niche.

Released on November 23, 2020, KillVal’s latest work is his first official EP titled “Romance for Madness.” Executively produced by Val’s homie Nick Mira, the EP is “about how love is warfare,” said us the artist introducing the theme of his release. Then he added: “Everybody has problems, and everybody goes through shit. That’s life, and it’s how we go through it and cope.”

Consisting of 10 tracks that flow and showcase the emerging artist’s alternative perspective, this string of Hip-hop numbers includes the lead track “Sirens,” which is now accompanied by an official video.

Developed on a bouncy and prominent low end, the Virginia artist is focused on smoothly bringing out his whimsical brush. Here the crisp percussion of a pungent beat hopping on the rounded cusps of the melancholy flow unrolled by KillVal.

An interesting discovery, which without upsetting the dome, adds some personal finesse. Undoubtedly much more than something palatable only for Hip-hop lovers.

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