Kelsey Delemar, aka Kelyes,  brings us her soft blend of soul and R&B releasing her brand-new single ‘Not Around’.

American recording artist Kelsey Delemar, also known by the stage name of Kelyes, has recently released her single titled ‘Not Around’, giving us a passionate anticipation of her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Kelyes & the Wave’.

Guided by the evocative voice of Kelyes, ‘Not Around’ is a soft blend of soul and R&B, with which this talented artist immerses us in a soft and magical atmosphere, painted with nuances and flavors that oscillate between nostalgic and melancholic.

Giving life to an involving and touching musical transport, the harmonious phrasing of Kelyes merges with rhythmic and sound elements that with stylistic grace refer to the trap and pop of the 90s, setting up a sensual unity of emotions and feelings, that stands out thanks to its fluid sound and emotionally permeating message.

With ‘Not Around’ Kelyes offers us an exquisite slice of her creative talent, that also represents a precious and tasty anticipation of her awaited 5-track EP ‘Kelyes & the Wave’. Needless to say, we can’t wait to listen to it.

Listen now to ‘Not Around’, the latest single from Kelyes, and find out more about her music, checking the links below:

Kelsey Delemar // Not Around - single cover
Kelsey Delemar // Not Around - single cover