The Canadian / Irish Keith Mosfet is an artist who is transversal in his own way and who draws inspiration from impressionist oil paintings, combining it with his background in electronic engineering.

After overcoming the challenge of writing, recording and mixing the whole of his 2019 EP ‘Superficial Hypocrite’, Mosfet returned under the spotlight with the brand-new single ‘Oh Time’.

“I have my vision, listen to the song and make changes in my head, record in layers, listen, then record and mix new ideas on top. Layering like in oil painting” explains Keith. In fact, just as the painter completely covers the canvas with colors, Mosfet masterfully saturates the sound spectrum with vocal effects, layers of sounds, and high-energy guitars.

Showcasing his unique artistry with ‘Oh Time’, Keith brings us a psychedelic number marked by emotional and captivating melodies, characterized by stylistic strokes that stand somewhere between sour and raw.

Listen now to Keith Mosfet brand-new single ‘Oh Time’, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Keith Mosfet // Oh Time - single cover
Keith Mosfet // Oh Time - single cover