In the wake of previous successes, Katrina Stuart returns to the spotlight with her new and awaited single ‘Blue Roses’.

This new single is the result of the artistic talent of Katrina, who has been making art since the tender age of 4. To bring  “Blue Roses” to life, she flew to Sweden to work with an extraordinary team. Bringing together the talents of Grammy nominated producer Trevor Muzzy, and singer-songwriter Aleena Gibson, Katrina found herself signed with Musicash Records.

Blue Roses” is a first-class production, with a fresh and contemporary sound that plays a modern pop, driven by a catchy melody and easy-to-relate-to lyrics. A permeating delivery, thanks to Katrina’s penetrating performance and the deep and colorful richness of the arrangement.

Blue Roses” is a song that Katrina offers to us directly from her heart. In it, she deals with the theme of those bad relationships where one tries to compensate for the absence of genuine feelings using material gifts.

Katrina Stuart // "Blue Roses" - cover
Katrina Stuart // "Blue Roses" - cover

Honest and passionate, “Blue Roses” shows Katrina as the well-rounded singer and songwriter that she is, with an artistic depth that has already projected her towards a bright future. There are two new singles, three new music videos and an album on the horizon for fans and listeners, their release dates will be announced soon.

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