Sensual and melodious, with a retro vein and a contemporary flavor.
Kathy Ingraham’s voice enraptures and astounds like few others.

Kathy Ingraham // Cherish - artwork
Kathy Ingraham // Cherish – artwork

After “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do“, talented singer and songwriter Kathy Ingraham returns with a new single titled “Cherish“, a sublime synergy between singing and music.

Characterized by an intimate and engaging atmosphere, this composition slips away like a sweet caress on the cheek, towards a pulsating groove and a smooth swing. Every single element of the song is perfectly defined and masterfully placed within the mix. The coherence that links them makes the message clear and intelligible.

Kathy’s vocal performance comes as a breath of fresh air, splendidly rich in nuance and dynamics, capable of transmitting a range of sensations that seems to be boundless. Next to that of Ingraham, stand out the performances by guitarist Elliott Randall and jazz icon Pete Levin, along with the drums of Joel Rosenblatt of SpyroGyra.

Cherish” is a glimpse into the vastness of the creative universe that Ingraham is capable of.

Perfectly able to gravitate between Jazz and Blues, Ingraham can steer with peculiar minimalism towards Pop, Folk, Rock, giving us the feeling she might move into whatever genre she wants.

With this new release, Kathy Ingraham shows off again her experience as a singer and songwriter. She has sung in television and radio commercials for organizations such as McDonald’s, Chrysler, ABC Network, Coke, Pepsi and many others. In 2014 she took her first step as an independent artist and since then has published numerous pieces, working with an impressive list of artists and composers.

This single shows a range of tenderness and passion, guided by an emotional, relaxing and passionate voice.

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