Kate Vogel // Glad It's You - single cover

Singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN, Kate Vogel surprises us and cuddles us with her talent and the elegance with which she accompanies her love of storytelling lyrics. Among her most recent releases we discover ‘Glad It’s You’, a single released in February 2020, with which Kate gives us a song with an acoustic, delicate and vibrant touch.

Here Kate’s passionate musical prose ignites us like a radiant light. With poetic expressiveness she guides us by the hand along the sinuous intertwining of the ridges and valleys outlined by her dynamic phrasing. And everything opens and becomes intoxicated with a freshness of disarming beauty, airily open like wide-spread arms, ready to give us the most candid of embraces.

So Kate gives even more lifeblood to that initial prose that her lyrics made intense, elevating it to poetry in the form of music and words. A celestial, unique specimen that leaves us enchanted from start to finish, in perfect balance between an evocative folk-country, and an immersive acoustic songwriting.

Among the most inspired and inspiring songwriters we have discovered for many months now.

Listen now to ‘Glad It’s You’ by Kate Vogel, and find out more about her music, checking the links below: