After moving to New York recently, nineteen-year-old North Virginia native producer and singer Kate Brunotts comes out with her new single, titled ‘Interesting’.

The song, that revolves around the creation of an image / brand in order to be a more seen or professional artist, is an original dream pop number with an alternative and experimental sound design. In a song infused in an eerie aesthetic, Kate Brunotts impresses us with a delicate and at the same time pervasive vocal touch, while synthetic textures and rhythmic carpets evolve, helping the musical message.

Kate Brunotts // Interesting - single cover

“I’m always impressed by how put together artists are, and it seems like a lot of musicians have everything together based on their presence online: They’re always in well-orchestrated outfits, have on-spot visuals, and know exactly how to cater their image so that they look godlike to the rest of us. I sometimes wonder how much branding is about artistic expression and how much is just interesting to draw attention to ourselves.”

This is how the artist talks about her ‘Interesting’, a song that well underlines the concept of the tense balance existing between being and appearing. This is something that goes way beyond the technicality of a mere exercise in style, and touches certain emotional difficulties that derive from walking on that fine line that Kate Brunotts highlights in ‘Interesting’.

Listen now to ‘Interesting’, the latest single from Kate Brunotts, and find out more about her music, checking the links below: