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Unearthing the dark side behind, to unveil it’s not all that it seems – With her latest work, the anthemic Synth Pop single titled “Hollywood”, Karianne Jean offers dark and honest lyrics to explore the downside of a message clipped to a danceable delivery set upon an ironic background.

Born and raised in a family of talented singers and musicians, in SoCal, and having lived in Hollywood, music has been an essential element for Karianne, who has always imbued her genes.

Dedicated to developing a career in creating songs full of compelling melodies and honest lyrics, Karianne’s music hovers between deliveries and messages that speak of acceptance, feelings, love.

Palmdale, California, is her hometown, and Nashville, TN, is where she now calls home.

Here Jean is working with Merf Music Group, writing songs for major label artists, and bringing her influences (which ranges from Etta James to Britney Spears, from Celine Dion to Daughtry) to new shores, as she’s preparing to release her first full album expected in 2021.

Always attracted to honest stories and powerful voices, even her latest work, the single titled “Hollywood,” fits with exquisite coherence in her creative groove.

Examining the raw irony of the land of dreams and bringing to light the dark side behind the glamor, the glitz, unveiling what dreams, fame, and stardom look like when the preset filters are removed, when the limelight they go out, when the paper mache veil superimposed on the truth falls.

Here, with lyrics like “How do all these ice queens survive when it’s always sunny & 75?” or “Dear Hollywood, do you feel misunderstood when your golden gated neighborhood is a Stockholm prison?” Karianne sets up biting lines in a sour-sweet intertwining, where her “hard truth” leaps to a danceable beat driven by unexpected bop up-tempo.

Magnetic melodic lines, captivating hooks, and a light-hearted touch complete the picture for a silver-plated fluid production, which is a tasty anticipation of Karianne Jean’s next album.

Listen now to "Hollywood," the latest Single by Karianne Jean, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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Out on January 21, 202, the release of “Hollywood,” the Synth Pop anthemic piece co-written by Karianne Jean and Greg Archilla, and co-produced by Archilla and Austin Goodloe, is accompanied by an official lyric video. Check it out on the Karianne Jean YouTube channel.

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