Born and raised in Brooklyn, Karabella is an emerging singer and songwriter who is making her way thanks to her sound and style, an exquisite drift of the ’90s musical era.

Balancing between R&B and pop, Karabella is an artist who already shines for her vocal talents, a formidable example of which she offers us with her new single titled “I’m Good“, an energizing, addictive, and rhythmic song. Perfect underlining of its style the song, as the title suggests, talks about having enough of someone who’s toying with our feelings and playing games.

Mixed by Kidcus, mastered by Tim Boyce, and produced by CheFF Lonchér, Karabella’s “I’m Good” is a song full of catchy hooks, with an intelligibility of sound and crystalline musical message that with balance, enhances the charm of Karabella‘s vocal timbre.

With “I’m GoodKarabella definitely caught our attention. Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear more from this talented artist, and lucky us, rumor has it she has new projects in store for us and we won’t have to wait too much for their release.

To find out more about Karabella and her music, follow her Instagram profile [ here ].

Watch now to “I’m Done” lyrics video, which is available on Youtube [ here ].