Originally from Elmont, New York, Kai Fortyfive started recording music in 2010, exhibiting a compelling mix of street poetry and traditional hip hop production. With a distinguishable voice and using punches disguised in bursts of metaphors and elaborate imagery, this rapper and producer emerges for his refined stylistic taste and the penetrating touch of his music, ranging from the most typical sounds of the ’70s to Brazilian lounge.

His latest work is a refined mellifluous blending of exquisite workmanship, that we could place somewhere between smooth jazz, R&B and soul. This is the 7-track EP titled ‘Silky Joints’, a release in which Kai Fortyfive expresses all his passionate love and his deep admiration for women, examining some of the surface aspects that derive from love.

In this fresh and contemporary release, while the flow and rhymes Kai sets up naturally carry us forward, we are accompanied by warm and nostalgic instrumental sound carpets. Far from being a mere molasses saturated with desperation or excessive sweetness, the production is enhanced by a musical aesthetic that we could label as elite, enriched by the naturalness of the flow rap sported by Kai, while his lyrics flourish with metaphors and word play.

In the field of hip hop, this is among our most interesting discoveries in recent months.

Listen now to ‘Silky Joints’, the latest release from Kai Fortyfive, available on Bandcamp [ here ] and follow him on Instagram [ here ] and Twitter [ here ].