First track penned by K-Syran since 2019, ‘Red Dream’ is produced by the world-renowned Belgian DJ and producer Phase.

A synth pop piece with an alternative suggestive dreamlike aesthetic that is both sophisticated and enveloping, the song is an extraordinary showcase infused with velvety tones that intertwine with a soft warp and weft of melodic beats.

Weaving an elaborate mosaic that cascades into the subconscious as vivid and vibrant dreams, K-Syran opens her inspiration with a characteristic touch, providing us with a constant hook with these days still marked by the lockdown.

“This time of world isolation has injected us all with the gift of red dreams, those rich divine crimson dreams that are luscious and so so creative; never, ever have I dreamt more and remembered each dream in such detail,” says K-Syran. “That’s where the inspiration came for ‘Red Dreams’. I felt that every aspect of this historical time needed to be documented, and I just had to throw my own musical expression at this incredible dreams.”

A multi-talented and eclectic artist, K-Syran also adds acting to her long list of achievements, starring as the leading lady in the movie ‘The Lady From The Sea’, which was ready to hit its world premiere before social distancing closed the doors of the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Listen now to K-Syran’s single ‘Red Dreams’, released on Intimacy Records on 17 June. The song is accompanied by the official video, available on the K-Syran Youtube channel.

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