Having had her debut on her country’s national television, successfully completed her ‘Fall London Pub Tour’, and done a Live Lounge on Surrey’s Eagle Radio, the London-based Bulgarian singer-songwriter K. LINA has released her debut EP ’00: 00 Sanity’ on April 24.

K.LINA had already bewitched us with her previous lead single ‘Good Things (Don’t Happens to Us)’ – we wrote about it in a previous article you can find at this link. Now, with this debut EP composed of 4 tracks immersed in atmospheric and evocative dream pop sounds, the young and talented K.LINA fully shows her vocal touch and songwriting skills.

K.LINA // 00:00 Sanity - EP cover

Vibrant and touching, her expressiveness flies amiably and in a permeating way through all the track of this EP overflowing with an exquisite musical aesthetic. The cleanliness of sound, which is reflected in a crystalline and at the same time profound delivery, are the cornerstones of an organic and wide-ranging release, with which K.LINA embraces, caresses, and excites us, gifting us an impeccable glimpse of her creativity.

Brilliant and inspired, the streams drawn by her lyrics are graceful poems that grow, evolve, and take their own life. They gain body and life thanks to the phrasing that K.LINA weaves with her vocal performance, lighting up at every note, every sigh, every pause, with a uniquely unforgettable inspired light.

It is clear that K.LINA is only at the beginning of a radiant artistic path that will take her far, towards horizons as vast as those outlined by her music.

Listen now to ’00:00 Sanity’, the debut EP from K.LINA, and find out more about her music, checking the links below: