Independent songwriter Justin Magnaye, from Beachwood, New Jersey, brings us a refreshing atmosphere combining his pop, hip hop, and R&B artistic roots.

We’re talking about “Paradise“, his latest 6-track EP, and its solar, invigorating music.

Paradise” is the result of months of writing, modifying, producing, mixing, and mastering. It’s an EP brimming with relaxed happiness, the perfect expression of the balance and harmony Justin has found. As he says, this EP “is special to me because I wrote […]it whilst happy. Happy with surroundings, with life, and with myself. “

This is an autobiographical release, inspired by people who played an important role in Justin’s life, and it’s through this intimate insight into his experience that we find the reading key to grasp all the depth of this EP.

The way it all plays out also shows how Justin worked to create the perfect medium to convey his musical message.

We’d love to spend a thousand more words describing in detail all the nuances of “Paradise“, but we’d risk distorting its meaning.

Maybe we’ll keep those words aside for Justin Magnaye‘s next project. Rumor has it there’s a new release incoming, and we look forward to it!

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