Julianna Joy - Cherries - EP artwork

Taken from the EP ‘Cherries’, ‘Carbon Copies’ sounds like the vibrant and passionate heart of dark pop with which Joy satisfies us, enhanced by the chiaroscuro touch thanks to which the young singer-songwriter stands out.

‘Carbon Copies’ is the heart of ‘Cherries’, not only because it is positioned exactly in the middle of the tracklist, but above all because here Julianna shows off the most passionate and scratchy verve of her talent, that is loving and caustic at the same time.

Burning with an overwhelming and passionate inner fire, this song is a gem among the gems that make up ‘Cherries’. Infused in atmospheric reverberations, nothing seems to prevent Joy’s transmissive power from catching us and dragging us into her musical message. And so between caressing reflexive moments, stop & go, and a pulsating rhythm, the explosive prose of Juliana’s lyrics is all of her touch.

Among the most interesting discoveries we have made in recent months. We hope to have the opportunity to review more from Julianna Joy soon.

Listen now to ‘Carbon Copies’ from Julianna Joy’s EP ‘Cherries’, available for streaming on Spotify.

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