Fully in sync with the feel-good vibes of their previous releases, ‘Instagirl’ picks up where ‘What I’m Made To Do’ and ‘The Wild Bunch’ left off. 

With their new urban-pop number ‘Instagirl’, JTLR make us reflect on the role of social media, which can be a fun and entertaining affair, but which can also be dangerous if used in the wrong way.

“We just wanted to talk about an issue that we have personally seen affect a lot of people. Social media should bring people together, not make people feel like they are “less than” others” explain JTLR regarding ‘Instagirl’. “When the Coronavirus broke out and we all had to quarantine at home, we noticed a lot of people competing around who can quarantine better and make it look the coolest. We knew we needed to say something.”

For this meaningful and important project JTLR enlisted several Instagram influencers to appear in the artwork of the release. They are: @yuh_dunn_knu, @i.am.ana.victoria, @cojiba, @theonetowatch81, @anelkassandra, @jackyledlie, @magical.ria.rose, @manzanacurve, @marybethbbw, and @thezealousmua.

Instagirl is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. You can find your preferred one on: fanlink.to/jtlr_instagirl.

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Who Are JTLR


JTLR consists of group members Jonny T & Lyric Richardson. The two define their sound as a Urban Pop. JTLR is a musical experience with throwback nods to feel-good vibes and sensible lyrics. If the 80’s and the 90’s birthed a child, it’s name would be JTLR. JTLR currently has music released by PLMG in partnership with The Orchard/Sony Music.