Quixote Music Salvadoran recording artist Joseph Ferman has released his third single, “La Vida”: a danceable and joyful cheers to life.

Joseph Ferman is a multi-lingual artist who sings in Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese. 

Ferman currently resides in California, which is where he wrote and recorded his third single “La Vida.”

“La Vida” is a significant release for Ferman, as it marks a relevant step for his artistic perspective, as this is his first work that he publishes worldwide.

The single is an exquisite menu, connotative of the blend of styles and genres that Joseph flaunts with musicality.

World, Latin, Cumbia, and Salsa are close on paper, but with “La Vida” Ferman masters them with natural creativity, giving life to a captivating and infectious number.

Danceable and joyful, the song is an irresistible invitation to cheers to the joy of life. So says Ferman speaking about his new work: “La Vida is a testimony to living life to its fullest and his unquestioning belief that God will guide us during these troubled times.”

A testimony of life and of faith, the song conveys a solid message of solidarity, to all the people who have suffered with the current pandemic, and to those who lost loved ones because of it.

A danceable and joyful cheers to life, “La Vida” is accompanied by a nice lyric video that underlines the positivity of the song. Check it out on the Jospeh Ferman YouTube channel.

Listen now to "La Vida," the latest Single, Video by Joseph Ferman, available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

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