Alternative folk singer-songwriter from the American indie scene, Jonny Morgan is an artist who aspires to make music vulnerable, incorporating into it the real, raw emotions of life and embedding them in his genuinely gritty acoustic style. Through a permeating and wide-spanning musical aesthetic, Jonny aims to bring his sound back to its origins, reflecting on why he felt the desire to create music in the first place.

And with ‘Hurt Me’ he seems to have managed it very well. Enhanced by a poetics of exquisite workmanship, the song is an admirable blend of catchy melodies, warm sounds, and sound stratifications that, merging with effective lyrics, are able to transmit all the weight and value of relationships and life experiences.

From the United Kingdom to Europe, to the United States, BBC Introducing, Sofar Sounds and Alex Rainbird have already taken this melody. Recorded with American artist Joel Levi in his Nashville studio, ‘Hurt Me’ and its release  sound like a new beginning for Jonny Morgan, one that in part brings him back to those roots of Americana and blues he loves so much, and that at the same time project his sound towards a bright future.

Jonny Morgan // Hurt Me - artwork

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