Jonathon Goldie, an independent professional musician who performs throughout the Vancouver area, debuts with his 10-track album titled ‘Blind!’.

Moved by his beloved rhythmic guitar on compelling diversified percussion carpets, the performances of various artists find space in Goldie’s interesting project. Herman Lo and his violin grace the track ‘Fata Morgana’, a piece that, like ‘Tundra’, Goldie had already released in the past as an anticipation of the album itself.

The project that Jonathon brings to the table is a release infused with alternative touches. Set into a folk-rock atmosphere, Goldie’s creative flair inoculates a series of touches of style that, in various ways, recall the genres of blues and electronics.

A mainly rhythmic groove runs through the whole album, that presents itself as a pleasant listening experience in which Jonathon’s vocal performance stands out in perfect combination with the aforementioned alternative touch and is made unique by subtle intonation inflections and long notes with an asymmetrical vibrato.

Blind! is now available on streaming on Bandcamp, Apple Music, and on all the other main platforms.

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Jonathon Goldie // Blind! - album artwork
Jonathon Goldie // Blind! - album artwork