Planet Suicide brings the message from rapper JRS3 Hobby Artist according to whom the end of the world is imminent and is going to arrive sooner than we can expect.

To anticipate its release, last March JRS3 released the lyrics anime music video for his brand-new song, available on his Youtube channel, while the single track will be available in pre-save on May 17th, 2020, to be released on almost all music platforms on June 1, 2020.

“Planet Suicide is a song that I was motivated to write and produce based on what’s happening in the world right now.” So the Texan rap artist talks about his song, then continues: “now not only is it about the end of the world but also it’s about who’s standing by your side, helping you, working hard, keeping your faith, gun violence, and thanking people like Tyler Perry whom overcame insurmountable odds and giving back in an uplifting permanent way.”

‘Planet Suicide’ is heavily inspired by JRS3’s background, as son of Johnny R Sanford II, a well-respected preacher of the House of Saints Community Church in Palestine, Texas, and a law enforcer for over 24 years. Factors that, as stated by the artist himself, play an important role in his songwriting, forming his vision of the world, giving life to a hip-hop rap destined to move consciences and spirits.

JOHNNY the HOBBY ARTIST // Planet Suicide - single cover
JOHNNY the HOBBY ARTIST // Planet Suicide - single cover

Watch now the lyrics anime music video of JRS3’s ‘Planet Suicide’ and keep in touch with the artist, checking the link below: