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John Vento is out with the title track of his album “Brick by Brick,” a rock number that erects a courageous, almost shameless need to shout this addictive anthem at the top of its lungs.

With the single “America (The Saints Come Marching Home)” released on 1/1/20, John Vento’s first album track “Brick By Brick” hit the spot.

In the following months, Vento released a new song every month with an accompanying video. “Instead of releasing an entire album of music at once, Brick By Brick will be built from singles released on digital platforms only, there will be no physical distribution.”

So explained John here, in the description of the video collection on his Facebook. Then he added: “I usually create a concept and thematic approach to albums, but with this one I’m going to let the writing process and the music created from it take me where they want. I look forward to an interesting and fulfilling journey over the next year.”

Thus said the so-called chameleon of the Pittsburg music scene, introducing the backdrop of his work, which these days is embellished with a further gem being released.

We’re talking about the biting and addictive rock number that shares the same title with the album in question, “Brick by Brick.”

The infectious intensity and gripping sense of involvement of “Brick by Brick” are pure firsts for our ears. Feverish, biting, hungry, loud, and present.

Here we hear the more conscious and aware artistic version of Vento. The perfect synchrony with which he spins the whole mix, luxuriant and stripped where needed, returns to fuel the edifying roller coaster that explodes in an exciting groovin’ supernova.

The message of the joy of construction that Vento brings us with his “Brick by Brick” erects a courageous, almost shameless need to shout this addictive anthem at the top of our lungs.

Listen now to Brick by Brick, the latest Single by John Vento, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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