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Following his previous catchy, rhythmic, and danceable tune, “STOP!!”, the avid storyteller continues to accompany us on the journey to his UK tour, which will take place in October, by bringing a new touching tale to the table.

After redefining the dates of the tour that will see the artist perform under the hat of J.O.B.E. Experience – The John O’Brien Experince, the prolific O’Brien is back to work hard to write new songs.

Working with his performing musicians in London recording remotely, musicians from all over the world have added salt and pepper to an already great recipe on paper.

Thus, after the passionate story of STOP !!, drawn around the fascinating figure of a “lady of the night”, O’Brien continues to play and move the strings of our feelings.

Skilled in this, by now we had the pleasure of discovering it also with the EP titled That Girls is Trouble, the artist based in Florida introduces us to the theme of his latest work:

“Sweet Ballet is about two people who meet by chance and , in the blink of an eye, fall deeply in love. This song tells the story of their first two days together in love. “

So John draws the story of two complete strangers who catch the eyes of both, on a beautiful afternoon in the background, as they stroll through a park.

Just as they both begin to feel an inexplicable excitement for each other, we can feel that warmth burning within, as passionate anticipation of a night spent together.

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John O’Brien // STOP!!

STOP!! – John O’Brien comes out with new single launching his British tour for June, plus the Interview to unveil the eternal spark of the four-decade veteran.

J.O.B.E. UK Tour Dates

Hare & Hounds - High Street, Kings Heath, B14 7JZ, Birmingham
October 3rd

Hare & Hounds

O2 Academy Bournemouth, 570 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, BH1 4BH
October 5th

O2 Academy

The Bullingdon - 162 Cowley Rd, Cowley, OX4 1UE
October 7th

The Bullingdon

The Camden Assembly - 49 Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, NW1 8AN
October 8th

The Camden Assembly

Will it really be love at first sight? Will it be the love of a lifetime? Find out for yourself by listening to the single and watching the video for John O’Brien’s Sweet Ballet …

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