The conscious hip-hop artist hailing from Sydney continues to broaden his horizons, expanding his discography with the recent 5-track EP titled ‘Paradigm Shift’.

Here Rafidi examines his paradigms by arguing them in a collection of shifts and ramifications that taste of chill-pop and soul, passing through lo-fi.

Speaking about consciousness, awareness, societal toxicity and passiveness, Rafidi’s work sounds like a focused and full-bodied personal digression that finds its most immersive facet in the song ’11:11′, as Rafidi offers a true recount about meeting his forever love, life-partner, and wife.

With relaxing melodies, a mellifluous flow and light percussions, in ’11:11′ everything bends organically, contributing to set up an atmospheric sound scenario that sounds like a warm, benevolent and reassuring embrace full of love. With its shiny minimal mix, embellished with that touch of noise typical of the lo-fi style, the song sounds like a gem between other gems, tenderly imbued with a sense of love and vulnerability.

Joel Rafidi // Paradigm Shift - album cover

In the field of that kind of hip-hop that doesn’t need to flaunt opulence or roughness for their own sake, and that is made precious like few others by the artist’s personal touch and life contribution, Joel Rafidi’s ‘11:11′ is one of the most interesting discoveries we have made for many months now.

Listen now to ’11:11’ and to Joel Rafidi’s EP ‘Paradigm Shift’, and find out more about this rising artist and his music by checking the links below: