Earning a living with his music in the broadest sense of the term, Jo Oliver has played in many band and produced many jingles. He authored editorial articles for music magazines and for many years wrote, composed, arranged and produced songs for various artists, contributing to various musical productions as a singer-songwriter, musician, arranger and producer.

Jo Oliver has under his belt numerous collaborations and publications with artists such as Keith Tynes (formerly Platters), Richard Palmer-James (formerly Supertramp), Nik Page and many others, with some works achieving rankings in the charts. Building on the experience gained, today he is mainly working on realizing his music as a self-produced artist.

We can hear a brilliant example of all this in his most recent release, the single titled “Shine On (You)“, a number that sparkles with the clarity and the vibrant music that he offers us. It is literally a song that, due to the light it radiates, overshadows a lot of the background buzz in which most of today’s music tends to sit.

Shine On (You)” is a song that masterfully combines the spirit of Soul music with the power of Rock. It is an impeccable production that shows mastery in putting the right elements in the right place. These factors highlight a great ability in wielding music, especially from the point of view of composition and arrangement, precious peculiarities that are increasingly missing in contemporary disposable music.

To appreciate the multifaceted artistic qualities of multi-instrumentalist Jo Oliver, watch now the video of “Shine On (You)” available on Youtube [ here ].

Shine On (You)” is also available on Spotify [ here ] and all the major digital platform.

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