JF Blais was the composer and musical director of One Night For One Drop 2017 and 2018. Originally from Montréal, JF joined Cirque du Soleil in 2003 and is currently performing nightly as a saxophonist and woodwind specialist with Zumanity in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the past 15 years, JF has written and produced music for numerous projects, acrobatic acts, and television series aired on Fox Sport Network (FSN), Pursuit Channel, and WFN, as well as for notable Strip productions such as Tournament of Kings.

‘The Other Side’ is a tune that JF Blais had composed for a short film, but unfortunately the production was canceled due to the global pandemic, so Blais released the song as a single, bringing to our ears an exquisite neoclassical instrumental work.

The soundtrack imprinting on ‘The Other Side’ is well palpable, but the musical argumentation offered by Blais has few equals. In less than 4 minutes of listening, this talented composer takes us through an exquisite introspective parenthesis, full of that sense of elusiveness, of those things that we can see but cannot have.

Here Blais shows off all his 15 years of experience, with an instrumental release, which says much more than many songs full of words. The pleasantness and the grace of the delicate dissonances, the juxtapositions between excursus of vehement strings and subdued plucked strings, which develop on the asynchronous cadences of acciaccature from a pictorial piano, are just some of the finesse that make this work unique.

Listen now to ‘The Other Side’ by JF Blais, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

JF Blais // The Other Side - single cover
JF Blais // The Other Side - single cover