Jerico Noguera - Your Sweetness - single cover

After the debut EP ‘Black Lake’ that garnered Jericho Noguera praise from several music journalists and has attracted the attention of a small audience at an international level, the singer-songwriter is preparing to take the next step in his quest for new sound horizons.

Our introduction to the creative vision we will find in the album ‘Siskin Dreams’ is the first single, ‘Your Sweetness’, with which the artist brings us a delicate and ethereal taste of his bigger project.

Born in that prosperous niche that is acoustic folk, the single plays a delicate dream pop with low-fi nuances, embellished by airy touches of falsetto, creating a concoction able to instill a feeling of incorporeal lightness.

While waiting for the release of Jericho Noguera’s ‘Siskin Dreams’ debut album, announced for mid-2020, listen to the single ‘Your Sweetness’, available for streaming on Spotify.

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