With a candidly magnetic vocal style and through an emotionally penetrating lyricism, Jenny Kern gives us her new single produced by Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers, Chelsea Cutler, Valley).

We are talking about ‘Now We Know’, the latest release published by the Canadian artist from New York, probably one of the songs with the most honest music delivery this talented singer-songwriter has published to date.

Pervaded by a poignant and cathartic aura of melancholy, ‘Now We Know’ is a difficult-to-resist appeal to our sensitivity.

Focused on the theme of self-realization, admitting mistakes, and accepting the end of a relationship, the song finds deep inspiration in a parenthesis of past life, lived by the artist herself. As Jenny herself says:

I was working creatively with someone and we developed a close relationship. One founded on understanding and support. At the time, I was dealing with depression, health issues and change, which lead to mistakes I'm not proud of.
I wrote this song shortly after we parted ways. At first, I was in denial and felt shame but eventually I understood. That said, I was struggling with the fact that we would never make it right.
Learning to accept that something is broken and dealing with the fallout is incredibly hard.

Through a bright expressive openness, Jenny gives us an emotional hook, full of the value that each of us places in the struggles and conquests in which we embark on a daily basis.

In laying them bare, Jenny shows us how certain imperfections of the human being are poetically splendid.

Listen now to ‘Now We Know’ and find out more about Jenny Kern and her music, checking the links below: