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Sunny, uplifting, touching – Atlanta-raised pop singer-songwriter Jennifer Jess flies high from Twitch to Youtube with the official video for Strength and Love.

The soulful Pop number penned by the talented and magnetic Jess is taken from her recent EP Blindside and is now accompanied by a radiant visual.

Auditory magic that with ecclesiastical care is crowned by a refined chisel used to create the visual of a radiant pop tune.

Inside the new work conceived by the beautiful and affable artist, we find a skillful congregation of elements that bring Pop back into the limbo of excellent music.

Shining like a few others, with Strength and Love, Jennifer Jess brings us a song dedicated to anyone who has dealt with mental health challenges or whoever is in the midst of a battle right now.

Just keep going, because .you are more than enough, and you are so loved” is the anthemic message enshrined in the richness of this tune. “The idea of this track came about when I found out a few people close to me were struggling with thoughts of suicide,” Jess explains, sharing with us the backdrop that inspired her.

But in addition to being a moving piece, Strength and Love reveals in all its caliber how the Atlanta artist has definitively abandoned the “bedroom” dimension to devote herself to elevating her Pop towards a highly prized cusp.

This Strength and Love is a manifesto of exquisite musicianship, together with the brand new EP Blindside. And while these works demonstrate all the current abilities of this singer-songwriter, the real surprise, the one that makes you understand that there is still so much to come, can be found on Jennifer’s Twitch channel.

That’s where Jess streams several times a week, connecting with her fanbase.
There, she can be grasped, genuinely and freely engaged in the act of sharing her music while she works to elevate it to an ever wider horizon.
It is there that we can discover in anticipation the magic that this affable artist will carry forward in making her career fly high.

Watch now the official video for Strength and Love, the single by Jennifer Jess, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via


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