Nashville rocker Jeffrey McCullough continues to keep alive the spirit of alt rock, releasing his bran-new compelling single ‘No Tomorrow’.

Since emerging onto the Nashville alt rock scene last year, Jeffrey McCullough has stood out from the crowd thanks to the way he wears his heart on his sleeve, establishing himself as a modern artist, as well as an everyday hero. Mixing his love of grunge with wide open heartland rock, he has reinvented his favorite genres in his own image, delivering a sound that is both nostalgic and full of hope for the future.

Moving forward on his mission to reintroduce alt rock into the American mainstream, McCullough casts once again his spell, releasing the compelling bran-new single ‘No Tomorrow’.

Here his voice, laid completely bare, shows the bruises of a long life, delivering in their fullness the weight and the pain of personal struggles, while the wide-ranging arrangement fuels an essential feeling of hope, telling us that better times are around the corner.

Since signing to Celebration Records, a label known for elevating top-quality songwriters, Jeffrey’s career has been steadily gaining momentum. Following ‘No Tomorrow’, with a new EP on the way, it is only a matter of time before he finds a place in the heart of those who love rock music and beyond.

Jeffrey McCullough’s latest single ‘No Tomorrow’ is available for streaming on Spotify, accompanied by the official lyric video available on Jeffrey McCullough’s Youtube channel.

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Jeffrey McCullough // No Tomorrow - single cover
Jeffrey McCullough // No Tomorrow - single cover

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