Jaxon “Jax” Booth is a rapper, singer and skateboarder from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, capable of mixing different genres with comedic nuances in his music, offering a mellifluous hip-hop sound through which he tells stories that I could imagine set in small, suburban settings.

Having cultivated a passion for music during his teenage years, Jax has been releasing many basement records and a couple of mixtapes since the age of 15.

In 2019, with the help of his friend and collaborator Atay, he found his sound. The chemistry that developed from this artistic encounter has meant that together they recently released Honey, an album that, through nine songs, offers us an amazing roller coaster ride.

Spontaneous and sincere, with the flow rap of Honey Jax takes us by the hand and leads us through style digressions that vibrate between moody introspections to the soothing and relaxing atmospheres of the weekend. From jazz to rock, through trap and funky, the kaleidoscopic drifts of Honey are amazing shows, which pass through and around hip-hop. And the relevance and consistency with which the album ranges towards R&B or emo, too, has genuinely left us stunned.

Jax // “No Worries” live - single cover
Jax // “No Worries” live - single cover

In this rich heterogeneity, it may seem difficult to choose which track stands out among the others. For this reason, we tried to grasp that factor of authenticity and sincerity we mentioned in the title, that common thread that runs all throughout the album. We found a formidable representation of it on YouTube, in the video of the live session of No Worries that Jax recently released.

Perfectly immersed in the musical delivery that the piece prepares, it is above all here that we find all the naturalness and the distinctive feature of Jax‘s rap lyric flow. Rich and charismatic, with this performance Jax gives us an exciting salient experience, which captures and drags us.

We are confident that 2020 will be a great year for Jax and Atay. This is why we look forward to listening to what they have in store for us.

Jax // “Honey” - album artwork
Jax // “Honey” - album artwork

Watch now the video of Jax – No Worries (Live Session), available on YouTube and don’t miss his album “Honey” available on Spotify.

To get in touch with Jax and find out more about his music, visit the links:

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